Crypto Payment Platform Launched by Ripple XRP

Crypto Payment Platform Launched by Ripple XRP

Philippines: Despite showing dismal performance after being the best performing cryptocurrency last year, Ripple XRP is has launched a crypto payment platform. The news comes on the heels of another big advancement in XRP’s quest for mainstream adoption.

According to BitPinas, Filipino cryptocurrency news site has confirmed that now Ripple XRP is available for use on cryptocurrency payment platform As now XRP is available on cryptocurrency payment platform, almost five million people can now use it for the bill payments rather than tradition fiat.

The site which was launched four years back, in 2014, claims of having five million users and allows the users in the Philippines to make the payments of their bills directly in digital currency. As per the future plans, the site is looking forward to increase its customer base to 20 million by 2020. Apart from Ripple XRP, the company is also offering Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash.

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As of now, Ripple XRP has been introduced on the Android app of the company.

Payment for day-to-day items can be done using Wirex Visa card by the XRP customers. Interestingly, millions of dollars worth of XRP were transferred by the users in just a few hours after the launch and they even started spending on day-to-day items.

Ripple XRP’s Future

It is very clear that Ripple is determined to perform well as it is strengthening its ground, roping in important strategic partners and is open to embrace new possibilities too. The major reason behind Ripple XRP’s dismal performance is the bad time of the market. The complete crypto market has been shaky this year. It is expected that the market would revive soon and once it starts happening Ripple will take off hugely.