Aarey launches Aarey Bhushan, single toned milk fortified with Vitamin D

Aarey launches Aarey Bhushan, single toned milk fortified with Vitamin D

Mumbai:  Aarey Dairy, Worli, has launched Aarey Bhushan, a single toned milk fortified with Vitamin D to address widely prevalent micronutrient deficiency of Vitamin D2, which are known to cause several health problems, in Mumbai. About 87% of the population of Mumbai is deficient Vitamin D.

To tackle this public health challenge, the dairy is launching Aarey Bhushan, fortified with Vitamin D2. Per 100ml of serving of single fortified milk, Aarey Bhushan is expected to have a minimum level of 55 IU (IU=international unit) of Vitamin D2.

Affordable Price of the Milk

The newly launched single toned milk has been competitively priced at Rs. 40 per litre, which is more affordable compared to other single toned fortified milk available in the range of Rs. 42 to Rs. 43. The single toned milk fortified with Vitamin D will be sold in 500ml packs, priced at Rs. 20.

R.R. Jadhav, Dairy Development Commissioner, Government of Maharashtra, said, “With Tata Trusts, we are keen on providing nutrition security to the people of Mumbai. Since milk is one of the most commonly consumed products, fortifying it with Vitamin D will considerably help in addressing concerns of dietary deficiencies in the region. A healthier Mumbai will be the backbone of a healthier India.”

Dr Ranjan Sankar, Program Director, Nutrition, Tata Trusts, said, “Investing in nutrition is a step towards improving collective future of our nation and its public health. Milk fortification is an effective strategy to address the problem of micronutrient malnutrition in India where the national average of deficiency of Vitamin D is at worrisome levels. Tata Trusts is playing the role of assisting Aarey Dairy in providing a sustainable solution that will have long-term benefits for consumer health and nutrition. Tata Trusts will support the cost of premix supply of Vitamin D2 required for the fortification of single toned milk for a period of two years.”

Tata Trusts Supporting Aarey Bhushan

The fortification of Aarey Bhushan is supported by the Tata Trusts as part of its mission to address micronutrient deficiencies, which include Vitamin D deficiency found prevalent across urban cities.

To assess consumption of Aarey Bhushan and to plan for its subsequent production, the fortified milk will initially be available at select Aarey Sarita stalls for a month across the Mumbai Metropolitan Region.