Add New Home in Your New Year’s Wish List : Rakesh Yadav

Add New Home in Your New Year’s Wish List : Rakesh Yadav

Rakesh Yadav, CMD, Antrariksh India Group


New Year knocking the door and we all are eagerly waiting to welcome 2020. Throughout the hectic schedule of whole year between Christmas to New Year is the time when we all enjoy vacations, parties, shopping and get together to our friends and relatives. Every New Year we all take new resolutions to better of our life and future. This is good because New Year is bringing happiness and newness in life and fulfills a lot of expectations. If you are planning to buy a flat in coming year then you should add New Home to Your New Year Wish List. Why I am suggesting this, let’s know.

Christmas to New Year is golden period for first time home buyers

New Year celebration starts form Christmas because in all schools, colleges, offices and companies. This ends after 1st of January. Most of people will spent their time to travel hill station or abroad, shopping and parties. Very few people search property between these periods. My suggestion is to take some to fulfill your big dream like buying new home between these periods.  You don’t spent all holidays to search property but give some time to search your dream home through online and offline. Why, I am suggesting this because form December to January fist week is very dull period of real estate sector. Very few buyers come out their home to buy property. So the developers would under pressure to sell their property. Therefore, developers are offers big discount and freebies to sell their property.  This is very golden period for first time home buyers who want to crack the deal in reasonable price.

Very easy to judge the flat actual condition

People usually buy home in summer or spring because of holiday and chilly winter season.  Very few people are searching new property in winter season. But if you are among those people who are searching property in winter then you can easily find out the weakness and goodness of project as well as flat. Which type of ventilation, Sun rays into the flat, Park, pipe fitting, etc. You can collect much information with the residents very quickly.

Zero period and 25 thousand core fund

2020 is very happening year of NCR realty market especially Noida and Greater Noida Market. The reason behind this is center government allotted 25 thousand core funds for stalled project. I hope, more than 90 projects in Noida will get benefits to this fund. The Uttar Pradesh government also announced Zero period in Noida and greater Noida developers. It will boost the realty market. To get benefit of Zero period developers complete their project before 30 June 2020. Mean many under construction project pending work complete next six month. So, this is very good time to buy a under construction project with a reputed developers. Don’t hurry and choose right project and reputed developers.

Big opportunity to save income tax

If you buy a home from December to January, you will get big income tax benefits. If you are the first time home buyers then you will get 3.5 lakh tax benefits to all your income. However, for this the price of the property must be up to 45 lakh rupees.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy prosperous New Year!