DEAL: Amazon gives customers golden delight, Compare Jewellery Rates

DEAL: Amazon gives customers golden delight, Compare Jewellery Rates

Amazon offers massive discounts on making charges of  Gold and Silver jewelry. Who could imagine gold necklaces in the range of INR Rs 25000? at this time.Many different merchants like Kalyan Jewelers, P.N.Gadgil Jewellers, and PC. Jewelers. Are offering great deals on gold and silver products for both men and women.

The big news here is that Amazon is giving 50-100 % discount on the making charges of the gold jewelry which reduces the total cost to a great extent. That too, all the big names in the market selling their products online over this platform is an uncommon phenomenon. No e-commerce website has put this kind of offers on Gold till now.

There are offers on the  Diamond Jewellery including Pendants, earrings, Rings and Nose pins are of price range under Rs 10,000. The brands which are offering discounts on diamonds are P.N.Gadgil Jewellers and PC. Jewelers. Silver earrings and Rings are offered 25 to 50% off and silver coins up to 20 %

Amazon is offering up to 20% discount on Gold coins. Top brands like- Malabar Gold, P.N.Gadgil Jewellers and PC. Jewelers are providing 24 carats of gold with such heavy discounts.

    Gold Rates                                                                                     Silver Rates

24 Carat 31,871.70                                                                 38.85       Per Gram

22 Carat 29,800.00                                                               38,852.00   Per Kilo