Marginal Cut in Petrol, Diesel Prices for the third consecutive day

Marginal Cut in Petrol, Diesel Prices for the third consecutive day

New Delhi: The petrol and diesel prices declined for the third consecutive days. Though the decline on the third day is also nominal as petrol prices were cut down by 6 paise and diesel by 5 per per litre. Although, the LPG prices went up by Rs. 48 per cylinder for the non-subsidised cylinder.

After the decline in prices Petrol in Delhi will cost Rs. 78.29 per litre while diesel will cost Rs. 69.20 per litre. The prices of Petrol and diesel in Mumbai went down to Rs. 86.10 per litre and Rs. 73.67 per litre respectively, while in Kolktata petrol and diesel prices today will be Rs. 80.92 and Rs. 71.75 per litre respectively. In Chennai the prices came down to Rs. 81.28 per litre for Petrol and Rs. 73.06 per litre for diesel.

This is the third consecutive day when the fuel prices were slashed down, though, marginally. On Wednesday the prices were cut down by 1 paise each whereas on Thursday Petrol prices were cut down by 7 paise per litre while diesel prices were cut down by 5 paise per litre.

Though, the fuel prices may vary from state to state due to the local sales tax or VAT.

Notably, since May 14th the prices were increased by Rs. 3.8 per litre for petrol and Rs. 3.38 per litre for diesel in 16 consecutive days.

Though there was some rate cut in the fuel prices but on the other hand the prices for Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) were increased by Rs. 2.34 and Rs. 48 for subsidized and non-subsidised cylinders respectively today.

After the hike in the prices of LPG, the subsidized cylinder will cost Rs. 496.65 in Kolkata, Rs. 491.31 in Mumbai and Rs. 481.84 in Chennai, while, non-subsidised cylinder will cost Rs. 723.50 in Kolkata, Rs. 671.50 in Mumbai and Rs. 712.50 in Chennai.