Internet and social media go hand in hand and all the digital marketing agencies have understood this. They have turned advertising into such a business that everybody is turning their heads to have a better look at the innovative ideas and trends. Technology continues to grow every minute and it is very fast-paced. We have technologies like Artificial Intelligence and data-driven marketing that has gained a lot of attention in 2020, hence we have to the conclusion that the focus should be more on technology and how to humanize these technological efforts.

Marketing through digital medium grew from 2005 – 2010 and since then there was no coming back. We have seen things that were impossible 10 years come to life 5 years ago and then we started elaborating things. This year the main focus should be on working towards what works and how should one make it work in a smart way.


  • AI BASED AUTOMATION: The major technology that is behind smart assistants and voice search. AI has also made chat-bots responsible and we can see them on popping on every website. Always remember that the human aspect of marketing is very important and the idea is to use this technology to enhance the marketing efforts and not replace the real people behind them.


  • CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: The times of traditional marketing are gone, people buy what they listen to and that is why someone correctly said that 2020 is the year of decisions made on customer experience. People nowadays are paying more attention to experience than anything else. CX is more about mapping the entire journey of the customer and looking at tall the points where they had to interact with you. You can improve your customer experience sporting a user-centric design, offering personalized engagements, by providing clear paths to resolution and by not forgetting that they are your customers.


  • EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT: If they are working for you, make them feel respected and special and make sure that they know that you know that they are worth it. Research shows that there are 51% of people who are constantly looking for jobs while they are working for one agency. After this being said you must be wondering what exactly employee engagement has got to do with marketing! Well, let me tell you, my marketing friends, that employee engagement has got to do everything with marketing. Without an army of dedicated engaged employees, your marketing efforts are completely useless and worthless. Engaged employees are like pure gold mines that can give you the best marketing insights. They can help you stretch your money and be the brand lawyers that you never knew existed. In today’s world a company should look at the big picture, if you understand you, employees, if they feel connected to something that has a bigger cause, they feel pride and what they feel is what they share. Also, employees can be the best recruiters.


  • VISUALISATION: To understand data visualization we need to understand what does one means with data? Data is nothing but a lot of information and statistics, numbers and more numbers that are collected and stored but if we skip to data visualization, we understand that it has a purpose of its own and with this, a user doesn’t have to interpret all the numbers and the intricate data because it is presented to them in an amazingly pleasing way through data visualization. Now just think we you see a bar graph in a written format and one that is visually represented, what will you consider?


Personalization: Personalized marketing is the answer when we think about having a real connection between the brand and the target market. Today’s consumers are flooded with marketing channels and to make your brand stand out you need to make your connection more effective and active. It’s not about changing the name of the person you are addressing the email anymore. Personalization can be introduced through various ways such as website copy, e-books, webinars, emails, social media posts, interactive content and beyond. The various steps involved are planning your strategy, setting up your program, choosing and then implementing your marketing tactics. Through personalization, you can let the customers have a great experience and for your business, you can have a rich collection of customer data, loyal fans, and valuable company insights.

Author: Ritesh Bhatia