Vicat Group Launches Fast Setting ‘BharathiUltraFast Cement’

Vicat Group Launches Fast Setting ‘BharathiUltraFast Cement’

New Delhi: France based Vicat Group launched a fast setting cement – BharathiUltraFast, for the Indian market. “BharathiUltraFast” is Premium quality cement promoting Greener Construction which is produced with Robotic Technology. This is one of the best inventions for Engineers and Masons for all concrete applications.

“BharathiUltraFast”, is having higher advantage and complete package of benefits of standard OPC 53 cement available in the market.

The multipurpose Green Cement comes with the following advantages:


This gives faster Pre Casting work even in humid conditions.


High early strength of concrete allows for faster removal of the Form Work (De Shuttering), thereby improving the productivity.


Higher later strength gives superior durability for the concrete structure. It increases the structural stability of concrete slabs, beams and heavy load bearing applications.

“BharathiUltraFast” has a superior advantage of continuous strength gain property even after 28 days.


Low Heat of Hydration of Cement

“BharathiUltraFast” releases low heat of hydration. This attribute helps to reduce the risk of damage to concrete and reduce the tendency of thermal Cracks

Corrosion Inhibitor


“BharathiUltraFast” leads to dense & impermeable concrete

Better Fineness, microparticle size distribution and optimum additive percentage in “BharathiUltraFast” improves the flowability and aids in making concrete denser & impermeable.

It is best suited for cement bricks manufacturing

The group is in the business of cement manufacturing for the last 200 years. Vicat Group operates in 11 countries, namely: Egypt, France, India, Italy, Kazakhstan, Mali, Mauritania, Senegal, Switzerland, Turkey, and the United States. In these countries, it has 15 integrated cement plants and five grinding units with a total cement capacity of over 30 million tonnes per annum (MTPA); 248 concrete batching plants; and 70 aggregate quarries. It employs nearly 8460 persons across the world.

Vicat had entered in India about a decade ago as sixth cement MNC and now it has two cement companies – Bharathi Cement and Kalburgi Cement with a cement capacity of 7.75 MTPA. It also has an aggregate business, one polypropylene sacks unit, two CPPs with 60 MW and one WHRS of 8.4 MW.