Volkswagen rides high on Tiguan sales

Volkswagen rides high on Tiguan sales

Currently, the Volkswagen group is busy cashing in the crossover-SUV frenzy that has taken over the world. Volkswagen wants SUVs to contribute towards 50 percent of its total global sales by 2025. The German automaker is ecstatic with the sales of its latest SUVs. We are expecting bulk loads of crossover-SUVs from the house of Volkswagen, in the upcoming years. The VW group is planning to bring out 30 electric vehicles in the next ten years.This optimism is fueled by the worldwide success VW Tiguan. Since its launch, Tiguan’s sales figure has crept over 5 million units in just 11 years.

The Tiguan start edits production in the year 2007 at Wolfsburg. 120,000 units left the production assembly in the first year of operation till 2008. By 2015 the sales quadrupled many times and the 5 millionth car left the production unit in the same year.

After a decade long operation of the first gen, its successor  the second gen Tiguan was introduced in the year 2018, and continued unchanged in 2019. The Tiguan was the new member on the block which was about ten inches longer than its predecessor.

Tiguan’s 2.0-liter engine produces 184 hp and it comes mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission. On the outside, the front fascia blends well with the signature front grille which envelops the VW badge. The Tiguan proves its mettle with its off-roading manners.

For the Indian market, the Tiguan carries a price tag 28 lakhs for the lower variants. The VW Tiguan is very adept at tackling the Indian terrain. The engine happily carries you over the steepest of the inclines without running out of breath. The stock tires are well suited for urban driving. If you want to savor its off-roading capabilities, then it is recommended to get some off-roading rubber for your Tiguan. 

The interior comes loaded with good quality materials. Even for long journeys, the seats are comfortable and offer good support. The infotainment system offers snappy performance. The massive boot space is capable of hauling all your camping gear. So pack your bags and get ready for an adventure with the Tiguan.

We expect much more new launches from Volkswagen in the coming years. The automaker’s commitment towards launching more than 30 vehicles has already thrown the global market in anticipation of what comes next.