Punjab National Banks Tops the List in Digital Transactions

Punjab National Banks Tops the List in Digital Transactions

New Delhi: As per a report released by Department of Financial Services, under the Finance Ministry, released a report in which Punjab National Bank topped the list of the bank in terms of digital transactions.

As per the report, PNB becomes the number one state-owned bank in terms of digital transactions.

The statement released by PNB said, The Nirav Modi scam-hit bank is also rated as the sixth overall amongst all banks in India for digital performance.

“Based on the recent findings of DFS, PNB is ranked number one PSU bank in digital transactions in India. The bank is fully committed to Digital India initiative,” it said.

The bank is rated as ‘Good’ by the government with a score of 71 which is the highest category of performance, it said.


Since, the Nirav Modi scam came into the light, things have not been good for Punjab National Bank. The credibility of the bank has deteriorated not only in the country but the international rating agencies have also given negative ratings to the bank. Hence, with this something good has come up for the bank and this would help bank in gaining back its credibility.

Department of Financial Services, which is headed by the Secretary looks into the functioning of banks, financial institutions, insurance companies and the National Pension System.