Beat Visa Retrogression with Nysa in India

Beat Visa Retrogression with Nysa in India

New Delhi: India is booming as an emerging market for the increasingly popular EB-5Visa. Due to the sudden rise in the demand, it has been published earlier that some countries including India will hit retrogression this year. Retrogression results in an extended waiting period for visas due to any one country exceeding its quota in a given year.

Nysa Global is offering in India a project through which people can beat the backlog and get EB-5 approval on an expedited basis. Thus far applicants to this project have received approval in less than 90 days.

At the EB-5 Advocacy Conference in April 2018, the National Visa Center (N.V.C.), the department that issues the immigrant visa announced that India will begin to be impacted by visa retrogression by June 2019. A final action date (FAD) marks the end of a “current visa” status for a country, indicating a backlog. It does not affect the project, but it does effect processing time for applicants.

Countries with a FAD mean that an investor is only eligible for the green card if the priority date is available. Due to the dramatic increase in demand for EB-5 visas in India, the State Department projects that it will impose a FAD for India in June 2019 – but it could well be earlier. Once a FAD has been imposed, Indian nationals will likely wait for 5 years to get the visa.

Nysa is the only company in India to introduce a project that has received federal expedited status.

“By investing in this project, Indians can beat the visa backlog as they can potentially secure their Green Cards within this visa year (till Sep 30, 2018) and in the early part of the next visa year and beat the impact of retrogression” added Pankaj Joshi, Managing Director, Nysa Global.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Indian’s to get approved in record time and beat the backlog that is coming!!

“Non-Resident Indians in the US on valid non-immigrant visas, like H1-B, L-1 and F-1 could potentially file for their Adjustment of Status and secure the employment authorization cards immediately upon approval” added Joshi.