Hakuhodo India comes up with an innovative digital campaign for NEXA

Hakuhodo India comes up with an innovative digital campaign for NEXA

New Delhi: Hakuhodo India has invented, Sound of NEXA Blue, an innovative digital campaign for NEXA, Maruti Suzuki’s modern retail channel of new-age automotive showrooms across India for #NEXABlue the signature shade, exclusively created for cars sold at NEXA.

The new digital campaign is targeted at the NEXA customer aged between 18-45, who follows online information and trends from around the world and is well versed with social media platforms. The #NEXABlue campaign brings to life a car colour through Synesthesia – an innate ability to translate sound to colours and vice versa, in a first-ever digital format across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

The objective of this campaign was to highlight both innovation and invention through this signature shade in a way never-before-seen. Here, colour has been used to create something novel, something unprecedented. Yes, music was created out of colour.

The Sound of NEXA Blue was the work of three western classical musicians with Synesthesia who came together and travelled to India to help create this signature tune. These uniquely gifted musicians Samara and Litsa from the United Kingdom and Eduardo from Canada were presented with the colour #NEXABlue and were asked to give notes that they ‘heard’ after seeing the colour.

Then, the Hakuhodo India team worked with a composer who helped create a symphony using only the particular notes. In a never-before-done collaboration, NEXA, musicians and a special colour came together to create the Sound of NEXA Blue.

Speaking on the campaign, Sabuj Sengupta, National Creative Director, Hakuhodo India, said, “NEXA Blue is a unique colour created for the NEXA range of cars. It goes well with the NEXA brand promise of offering innovative value and enhanced satisfaction to its customers across the country. By taking colour and elevating it to another level, this campaign has once again showcased NEXA’s ability to create something original, something inventive for its premium and exclusive customers in their car owning experience.”

The idea for #NEXABlue came from the age-old premise of the colour blue has been the inspiration for innovation, be it art, science or culture. For instance, take the gemstone lapis lazuli, that leads to innovation of transporting it centuries ago to Egypt from present-day Afghanistan; or how denim, the innovative fabric revolutionized the textile industry; architectural/photographic blueprints, or the blue rose, all discoveries in blue #BlueisInnovative!

The colour blue- coupled with the NEXA philosophy to constantly evolve and revitalize is what led to the colour of innovation, colour by music the Sound of NEXA Blue for #NEXABlue the signature shade-exclusively created for NEXA!