IG International Celebrated Arrival of 1000th Container for Apples from Stemilt Growers

IG International Celebrated Arrival of 1000th Container for Apples from Stemilt Growers

New Delhi: India’s largest fresh fruit importer IG International in collaboration with Stemilt Growers, the leading North American pipfruit supplier has been successfully fulfilling the demand of organic produce in the country.

This time, IG International decided to celebrate the arrival of the 1000th container of apples from Stemilt in a grand way with an event held at Hotel Lalit, New Delhi. Attended by several notable guests and dignitaries including Mark Wallace, the Acting Minister Counsellor for USDA was the Guest of Honour at the event.

Senior Exports Manager William Young of Stemilt, Prakash Thakur, a progressive apple grower and celebrity chef, Ajay Chopra, were the special guests for the event, which took place between 12 Noon and 3 PM on July 24, 2018.

After a warm welcome speech delivered by Tarun Arora, Director IG International Pvt. Ltd., the event saw talented artist Rabin Bar enthrall the audience with his speed painting skills. Post the astonishing act, all the notable guests- Bill Young, Prakash Thakur and Mark Wallace- delivered individual presentations. Prakash Thakur, also an ex-member of APEDA, spoke at length about how imported apples have benefitted Indian growers.

Cooking Demo by Ajay Chopra

Masterchef Ajay Chopra further delighted the audience with a live cooking demo. The culinary delight was then distributed amongst the audience, which left their taste buds tantalized! This unique session was followed by a Q&A round with Bill Young, Mark Wallace, Ajay Chopra and Prakash Thakur. The event concluded with a cake-cutting ceremony.

Commenting on the celebration, IG International Spokesperson Tarun Arora said, “This celebration underlines our decade-old promise and commitment of delivering, exotic and delicious fruits to our customers. The arrival of the 1000th container of Stemilt apples is a testimony to the growth we are experiencing as part of this partnership and the exciting future it holds. We are also happy to continue our association with Stemilt Growers and look forward to providing only the best quality, tastiest, and freshest produce to our customers in the coming years in association with this world-renowned brand.”

Speaking on the occasion, Stemilt Growers Spokesperson William Young, Senior Exports Manager said, “We are extremely proud to see our association with IG International grow from strength to strength. Stemilt Growers is happy to be a catalyst to IG’s sustained growth and expansion in several parts of the country. We look forward to nurturing this association and offering the best to more Indian consumers.”

Mark Wallace, the Acting Minister Counsellor for USDA said, “Firstly, I would like to extend a warm welcome to Bill who came from the US to celebrate the arrival of the 1000th container of Stemilt apples in India. Apple consumption in India has gone up. In the last year, apple consumption was reportedly 2.23 MMT. Eating one apple every day provides 20% of the recommended daily value of dietary fibre, 8 per cent of the antioxidant Vitamin C, 7 per cent of potassium, and 130 calories sans fat, sodium and cholesterol. While some schools in India have made it mandatory for children to carry a fruit to school every day, some are encouraging a morning fruit break. I would like to re-emphasize that fresh fruits constitute an important part of a healthy diet, and every person should consume their daily dose of fruits. I appreciate Team IG for inviting me for this occasion and want to congratulate Stemilt Growers and IG International for their sustained efforts to offer the best quality fruits in the country.”

Speaking on the occasion, celebrity chef Ajay Chopra said, “Indians have increasingly developed a taste for exotic fruits owing to their high nutrition and health benefits. They are keen to experiment with such fruits and are taking to incorporating their rich flavours in interesting salads, smoothies and other interesting preparations. In fact, all the fruits offered by Stemilt, especially apples, are known for their unique flavour that can instantly enhance the taste of any dish. The decade-long association between IG International and Stemilt has enabled every fruit lover to satisfy their taste buds and enjoy the best of exotic fruits, all the year round. I congratulate the two category-leading players for their successful partnership and wish them a long and prosperous journey ahead in India.”

Post the conclusion of the event, a vote of thanks was delivered by Shubha Wadhawan, Chief Communication Officer- IG International, marking a successful end to the celebration. IG International is one of the top performing cold-chain companies committed to providing high-quality produce in the country. With this celebration, IG International and Stemilt Growers aimed to reinforce their partnership, thereby enhancing trust and loyalty in the minds of consumers.