Orient Bell launches Italian Marble Finish Tiles

Orient Bell launches Italian Marble Finish Tiles

New Delhi: Orient Bell, one of the largest manufacturers of ceramic, wall, floor and vitrified tiles as well as first to manufacture ultra-vitrified tiles in India, launched Italian Marble Finish Tiles. These Italian Marble finish tiles are shiny with beautiful colours and texture; they are categorized under Polished Glazed Vitrified Tiles. It has a layer of glaze added to the tiles body that gives them natural looking textures and finishes. These are stain-resistant and strong tiles.

Italian Marbles have the longest durability, to an extent where it’s quite literal to say it can resist the test of time. Italian tiles project an elegant, high-class look that appeals to a larger audience. It offers limitless design options for creating stylish spaces. It even blends well with classic as well as modern decor. These tiles offer uniqueness, strength and style to the spaces they are used in.

Orient Bell specializes in Polished Glazed Vitrified Tiles. Such tiles have very low water porosity (ability to absorb water). It permits various creative textures and finishes for vitrified tiles and is a good replacement for marbles. Looking at how Vitrified tiles technology has evolved, tiles are fast becoming an obvious choice for flooring these days.

Digital printing technology has provided natural-looking textures and finishes which match natural marble finishes in terms of aesthetic qualities. Being great alternative to marble and granite flooring, Vitrified tiles clearly have an edge over any other type of flooring. They are more durable & easier to maintain.

These tiles are currently available in the sizes 300x600mm, 600x600mm, 800x800mm, 600x1200mm and 800x1200mm. Though Orient Bell already specializes in Polished Glazed Vitrified Tiles, they have added new tiles to their previous collection.

About Orient Bell Limited

Orient Bell Limited was established in 1977, with its base in New Delhi. The company is one of the largest manufacturers of ceramic, wall, floor and vitrified tiles as well as the first to manufacture ultra- vitrified tiles in India. It has launched a chain of signature showrooms to display the complete product range by aiding retailers in concept selling and is privileged to be associated with the premier construction and consultancy agencies of the country.

Its new product design and development is a continuous process, which aids in providing an extensive product range in tiles with various finishes and textures. With speciality tiles for different applications, Orient Bell has four varieties of patent tiles and counts some of the leading developers and government institutions as its customers