Art of Surviving in This Cluttered World of Fashion Blogging

Art of Surviving in This Cluttered World of Fashion Blogging

Gone are the days when we referred to magazines and catalogues for some self-styling tips. With the upsurge of social media and the variety of content it has to offer, we have all migrated from print to mobile. Not just the audience, even content creators have taken up the Internet as the most versatile platform for content creation and presentation.

People who want to know more about day-to-day fashion, styling, travel and food can get the latest trends across these genres all at one spot. Social media has opened avenues for many and given them a platform to try out a new profession. One such professional is Amy Chhabra who gave up her successful career as an Interior Architect at Lush Interiors (her own company) to pursue her passion and love for blogging all about fashion and travel.

Here’s a duologue with Amy that gives us a glimpse into her life of all things fashionable, pretty and diverse.

How has your journey been so far and why did you decide on this path?

I belong to a business background and my love for interiors and designs took me in that direction. With a post-graduate degree in Architecture from Scotland, I started up with my own company Lush Interiors. I was very creative from my childhood days. During my years in Scotland, I ventured into travel. I love travelling. Also, I love fashion. That’s when it occurred to me, what’s better than helping others with expertise in my area of knowledge and walking them through my journey. So, I started blogging as a passion leaving behind my successful career and my company.

Tell us about some of your favourite looks

I like casual street style: a pair of denim shorts, tie-up crop top, a cool pair of sunglasses and a Baker hat. Also, my other preference is the movie date look: a chic sultry co-ord.

A major chunk of your following is young college students. What fashion advice would you give them this college season?

Just be yourself and wear your confidence. College calls for a lot experimenting, so wear anything that boosts your confidence and keeps it real.

With the onset of Monsoon in India, every girl is sulking about skin troubles. Share your personal hacks for good skin

Good skin calls for a lot of hydration. Water, water and more water. Don’t miss out on using a moisturizer and sunscreen on a regular basis.

Every season calls for a new line in fashion, what are your Monsoon fashion orders?

I would totally recommend wearing bright colours, pick out those yellows and blues. Opt for lighter fabrics, like, cotton and chiffon. They help you stay stylish and dry soon too in this damp weather. Culottes and good pairs of ballerinas are a must for this season.

Monsoon also happens to be the season of romance and seduction, give all the girls out there some date night look ideas so they get their fashion on-point on these important occasions

I am sure most girls already do this, but its never enough to emphasize how important it is to try your outfit beforehand and make sure it’s super comfortable and appropriate for the occasion. Dress according to the venue, depends on where you are going. Don’t overdo it, you can scare off the other person. Also, keep your makeup natural.

All season must-haves of every girl’s wardrobe

Needless to say, your Little Black Dress is a top priority. You need a go-to Denim jacket, basic white tee, Summer blazer, a co-ord, a Baker hat and some cool sunglasses.

While you are acing the fashion blogging and social media scene with a crazy amount of following, how easy or difficult has this journey been? Share your final words and tips on how you break the clutter of this blogging world

It’s a known fact that standing out in the creative world is very difficult for every person who chooses the creative path. However, if you can connect well with your audience then you are good to go. Relevance and the skill to be relatable is most important. I make it a point to create content for my audience regularly. Also, I live by the 3Cs – Content, Connectivity and Consistency.