Healthureum and Benefits in the healthcare

Healthureum and Benefits in the healthcare

Medical aids and care is a basic necessity of this time. The medical assistance is required from birth to death. Thus it becomes an integral part of our lives. Every now and then we encounter certain ailments, infections or diseases. Medicare today has two distantly different sectors. One is the private sector that provides the best services in our hand but their charges are so high that not all can afford them. On the other hand, there lies a public sector which although provides necessary assistance and services at minimal cost but their services and system are not satisfactory always.

To bridge this wide gap between the public and private sectors of healthcare it is the need of the hour to integrate technology in the healthcare niche. Like all other growing sectors of an economy, it is very important to involve the innovations of technology and science in the environment of healthcare systems. It is not surprising that we are already moving on this path. We have gradually adopted artificial intelligence, new and robotic devices and better techniques of diagnosis. Thus, the latest update of all time is the Blockchain  technology and cryptocurrency. Today, a platform Healthureum combines the two great techniques to provide the best outcome in the healthcare niche.

Healthureum is an initiative for better and improved facilities in the healthcare sector. The Healthureum blockchain technology allows people to safely record their medical history. The entire medical reports, diagnosis, reports, drugs and their dosages are immutable and are recorded safely. Healthureum blockchain technology provides access to the information only to the owner and thus the safety is ensured.

Healthureum is a modern initiative to serve the mankind with the next generation healthcare services. This initiative includes theBlockchain technology and Cryptocurrencies. Healthureum today has many features. Some of which are:-

1. Through Healthureum it is possible to safely store our medical history safely and securely. This information can only be accessed by the patient or a few trusted members associated with the patient. At every step of the complete treatment, they can have a check and prevent themselves from any fraudulent activity.

2. Healthureum includes blockchain technology, in this, the information can be stored endlessly and through many generations of a family. Not just one patient, the information of a family can also be recorded. This helps to quickly read and understand the genetic conspiracies of a patient. By thus, if required the members of the patient’s family can be quickly contacted for help. This serves the best use in cases of blood requirement and organ matching etc.

3. The features of Healthureum allow it to be useful in the scientific researches for many diseases and concerns of the recent time. In earlier times it was highly difficult for researchers to continue their researchers due to the lack of certain basic amenities. Also, the tests and their results took a lot of time to come to our understanding and their further processing took a lot more time. With Healthureum  blockchain technology every information is digitally stored and can be accessed at a single click. This quick storage and access led to the revelation of certain useful and rare cases that can be a turn in the scientific researchers worldwide. Scientists and Researchers can easily read and understand a vast data in one go. This has reduced a considerable amount of time.

4. Healthureum allows the patient to get the best treatment as the entire past medical history is available on one single click and is clearly recorded.

5. Through Healthureum, it is easy to resolve issues such as organ donation, blood donation and matching of specific types or strains for medical requirements.

6. Healthureum gives the new generation quick and super fast access to each and every detail related to the diagnosis and treatment directly to the owner. Each and every drug and its dosage is noted. When treated by multiple practitioners it allows them to understand the vast history and proceed further.

7. The chances of fraud and cheatings can be greatly reduced if Healthureum  is adopted as a service. As it provides crystal clear transparency in its services and all the rights are given to the service taker itself.

Healthureum provides its service takers with digital HHEM Tokens. These tokens can be used anywhere in the world for utilising medical aids and services. These HHEM tokens make it really easy for owners to buy any service anywhere in the world at any time.

Thus, Healthureum  is an initiative towards the betterment of healthcare sector targeting each and every individual without any biases. Through Healthureum, the best services can be accessed easily without any worry regarding the payments of hospital bill and other issues related to the medical sector and their service providers. Healthureum is a gateway to the best services with the involvement of Blockchain  technology and cryptocurrencies.