Inception of Medical Industry’s Overhaul with Healthureum

Inception of Medical Industry’s Overhaul with Healthureum

Healthureum is generating positive reactions over its potential to bring about a change in healthcare worldwide yet it is plagued by speculations over how it really functions. This vast project has become the subject of discussions in the circles of both healthcare professionals as well as technology enthusiasts. While a large number of people are aware of the potential of integrating an industry with cryptocurrency, most are still unaware of the undeniable and substantial potential this enterprise proposes to the world at large. Healthureum is believed to reconstruct healthcare in a way just like the internet did to media in the last decade, resulting in a modernized and a competitive industry where institutions intuitively turn towards efficient practices and deliver quality with the utmost care.

What is Healthureum?
An innovative product born out of the combination of blockchain technology and healthcare practices aiming to benefit from the best of both while also incorporating smart contract technology. Operating on the Ethereum blockchain using the ERC20 standard, Healthureum deploys smart contracts for services related to health. The entire system runs on HHEM tokens for paying and rewarding the stakeholders ensuring secure transfers. Healthureum targets six core fields to ensure transparency and efficiency in the operational activities while bringing down the costs namely data systemisation, doctor consultation and referral, medical infrastructure, research programs, and philanthropic activities.

Backbone of Development: HHEM
What makes the Healthureum initiative truly a novel idea is it’s own token currency HHEM which will be the blood of this mass organization of service providers, facilitators, and users and provide the following benefits:
– This core asset of the platform fuels transaction and rewards for doctors, hospitals, and other participants in the processes who offer a referral or second opinions to patients within the network of Healthureum users. This network also includes laboratories an hospital units that perform diagnostic tests for the Healthureum users.
This peer to peer network effectively substitutes the involvement of a third person who would otherwise charge a commission to facilitate the transfer of funds.
Since the foundation of this avant-garde scheme is blockchain, no misrepresentation of data shall occur.
As the fastest and most efficient solution to transactions, the application can surpass geographical barriers and facilitate payments and fund transfer on a transparent global scale.

Extending much more than what it seems like
Healthureum is not just about easy fund transfer among entities, rather a lot more beyond that. The aim behind the design and development of a project as complex as Healthureum is to use advanced technology to ultimately simplify the lives of the people who are merely seeking convenience while facing difficult situations in life-related to their health and of their loved ones.
Healthureum is not a silver platter reserved for the rich, rather, the makers believe that this initiative should be accessible and applicable to people belonging to all financial and demographic strata. Each patient will hold verified and authentic data of their health allowing them to seek quality medical opinion which may not look like a significant benefit but it will bear fruition in the long run as the record keeping will be largely digitized and Healthureum users will possess their data in real time and share it instantly with doctors.

Reforming Healthcare with technology like never before
The extent to which technology has transformed healthcare over the past few years in the area research, procedures, equipment, and medicine has been witnessed by everyone and now is the time where an unprecedented change is being inaugurated with the advent of Healthureum.
On breaking down the endeavor into simple points, the whole framework can be understood easily.
This platform is constructed to function on Ethereum Blockchain using the ERC20 standard;
ERC20 standard deploys smart contracts for the services;
The services performed and rewards earned under the Healthureum ecosystem run on Healthureum Tokens only;

Designed to address the need of the hour
Availing quality and timely treatment in today’s time is ruled by mismanagement, fraud, deceit, delays, loss of data, data manipulation, and numerous other complications which not only cause exasperation and frustration, rather end up costing lives in large numbers across the world year after year. Where numerous organizations and interest groups in different countries are fighting to safeguard the basic human right for people in terms of availability of healthcare, Healthureum is a welcome respite to those who await advancement in the mechanism which makes health care services available to people. Not only will Healthureum make the procedures more efficient, it will also invite participation from philanthropists by encouraging a transparent system of fund management and allocation. It will become significantly easier to bring together the funds and the data to conduct researches and studies to further improve medicine and treatments seeing that the user data is easily accessible and tamper-proof, making sure that substantial progress is made in combating threatening diseases such as cancer, HIV AIDs, and diabetes.