What Is The Best Way Of Breathing Through a Face Mask

What Is The Best Way Of Breathing Through a Face Mask

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Today we are facing very dangerous diseases that are emerging due to different air pollutants and contaminants. Normally every people visit research laboratories, hospitals, industries and other areas having different environments and air quality. Going to these places without protection may be harmful so it is suggested to use face masks properly. The latest guidance of the WHO (World Health Organization) says “Utilizing face masks improperly, may increase the chances of getting harmed from pollutants and contaminants rather than reduce it. Most of the people don’t know how to use a face mask for pollution in the right manner.

So let’s talk about the best way of breathing through a face mask:

    1. As the initial step to fit a mask on your face, it should cover both your nose and mouth properly. This is very important that while covering your face the face mask should be comfortable and should not create any issue while wearing in the exhaled air. But, it is also true that some sacrifices and lacks are also made in the name of protection.
    2. Clean your face mask regularly. It is very important to wash your hands before using your face mask. In the case of a clean and dust-free room environment, the best method is to utilize an antibacterial soap as it will help you reduce the risk of contamination and pollens. On other hand, if you don’t have hand soap in the room then you can go with alcohol disinfectant to reduce the contaminants in your hands. Moreover, if your face mask is at the right place, but you feel that it becomes polluted, then it is the right time to leave the room and put down the mask. Always remember to wash your hands after removing and before wearing a new mask as well.
    3. Once you place the face mask properly over your nose and mouth, then you must check its sides to make is sure that no air is passing through these sides. It will help you get every part of the air through the mask. Relying on the kind of mask you are using, it becomes easy for you to fit the mask by pressing your fingers over these edges to assure this face mask on your face. An invisible pollution mask is also a great choice to get pollution-free and fresh air.
    4. Once you feel that the mask is secured, then you can easily breathe through it. It is suggested to intake breathe through the nose and out it via the mouth. This is vital for you and your surrounding air as well. Breathing through the nose is suggested because when we breathe through the nose, the cilia also known as hairs inside a nose will stop the contaminated particles and dust to enter into your body but if you breathe from your mouth then these particles will enter your body directly and create causes of respiratory diseases. Breathing through the mouth while wearing a face mask is also suggested because it lets air escape quickly as well as releases pressure.

Now, start breathing freely!

Author: Aarzoo Sharma