Apollo Munich Health Insurance launches ‘Roshini’ initiative to empower women with paramedic skills

Apollo Munich Health Insurance launches ‘Roshini’ initiative to empower women with paramedic skills

New Delhi: Having excelled as a strong player in the health insurance sector on the business front, Apollo Munich Health Insurance took another leap to contribute in empowering women from economically and socially weaker sections of the society by launching its flagship initiative ROSHINI, and including them in its purpose of ‘Making India Health Confident’.

Under this initiative, Apollo Munich along with Apollo Medskills Limited plans to impart free paramedic education to around 10,000 underprivileged women across semi-urban India. The program, with a special focus on women and the girl child, aims to empower them with not just equal opportunities to be skilled and financially independent but also help address one of the biggest concerns of the healthcare sector in India i.e. shortage of well-trained paramedics.

Commenting on this occasion, Antony Jacob, CEO, Apollo Munich Health Insurance, said, “Over the last 10 years, we at Apollo Munich have touched more than 30 million lives and have been successfully fulfilling our purpose of ‘Making India Health Confident’ with our uncomplicated and innovative product offerings and services. Taking this endeavour forward, we now want to take a leap by strengthening the position of women in the society by including them in our purpose”.

“A woman is the architect of a society; whose financial independence and skill development are the need of the hour. To make that happen, we have blended the task of empowering women from financially and socially weaker sections of society with our call to ‘Make India Health Confident’ and embrace the task of empowering them. Our program, ‘Roshini’ is an endeavour to illuminate their lives and provide them with a source of livelihood. We aspire to help women become a General Duty Assistant and make a difference in lives of millions of people by their service. Although it’s a drop in the ocean, I am confident that this program will bring a sea change in bridging the demand and supply of paramedical workforce in the country, a key issue in the healthcare sector, and cheer and encourage women to a journey of self-reliant,” Jacob further added.

Traditionally, in a patriarchal society like India, women’s contribution is often undermined. Additionally, gender inequalities in many critical spheres such as education, health, employment and income are forming injustice to women as they lower their well-being, and curtail economic growth and its associated benefits. Therefore, our program ‘Roshini’ will be a guiding light for the “women of tomorrow” that helps them bring a change in the society. It will further enable them to emerge as drivers of the social and economic well-being of their families.

Under this initiative at one hand, Apollo Munich will be imparting new skills to the women, so that they can take control of their and their loved one’s lives – both financially and mentally. And on the other hand, this cause will add up to their bigger purpose – wherein Apollo Munich as the industry veteran, give something back to the society, in this case by adding skilled people in the ever-demanding healthcare industry.