10 Reasons to Use WordPress for a University Website

10 Reasons to Use WordPress for a University Website

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WordPress improves online websites at every single step of the development: Your consumers to save money, control over their individual websites to add, edit, and remove content, integrate cutting-edge functionality like e-commerce, maps, user-submitted content, and get a better position on the google search results.  WordPress is basically a hit of brilliance, and everyone takes pronounced pride in using it to create good-looking and influential websites for the customers.  You can generate a custom-made website by converting PSD to WordPress for a whole new look.

Here are some of the reasons for which WordPress should be considered to be cast off for building a website for a university. Check them out and learn more about developing websites by means of WordPress.

1.   WordPress is Truly Free and Open Source

Not like any other free and open-source way out that have hidden schemas, WordPress is totally permitted to use for you, endlessly.  WordPress does not start charging any fee from you at the time you hit a definite scope, nor does it stop off any of its programs to you.  This is one of the fewer perceptible but perhaps most significant fundamentals of WordPress’s success.

2.   Plugins Give You More Functionality

Plenty of podiums out there deal with plugin functionality, but none of them have ever been more able to be charming and detailed enactment than the plugin effort on WordPress.  Plugins let you add pronounced media galleries, banner sliders, shop carts, forums, google maps for navigation, and more great functionality.  You can search for your required plugins from the app store and go ahead with a one-click setup. Their code is screened with “hooks” that let web developers add their program to practically any aspect of WordPress without affecting the core. Convert your PSD to WordPress and give your customers a brand new appeal for your website.

3.   The Visual Editor and CMS are Outstanding

The instinctive, comprehensible backend of WordPress is undoubtedly what made it so renowned in the first place.  WordPress is incessantly refining its CMS, adding features such as eased remarks, galleries, alteration histories, trash, custom post types, and much more.

4.   Easily Add a Blog To Your Site

WordPress actually emanated to fame for blogging and is still well-thought-out by many to be a blogging platform.  Even WordPress itself seems to recognize with blogging first, as the default outline is for the home page to be a blog.  With categories, tags, Gravatars, threaded commenting, widgets, easy theming, eccentric moderation controls, anti-spam resolutions, and plugin infrastructure, you cannot find an improved blog resolution.  The addition of a blog to a WordPress website is a great way to entice and involve people and to keep Google paying consideration.

5.   Themes Let You Style Your Site

WordPress themes are open source; you can purchase or copy them and then adjust them to your content. Themes from WordPress and themes designed for WordPress are magnificently influential and stress-free to use at a very equitable price. Themes are free from your content, so you can revise or swap out templates at any interval and keep your content and all your added functionality in place.

6.   It’s Easy to Keep WordPress Secure

WordPress has at all times boasted about its “Famous 5 Minute Installation”.  Not only is WordPress easy to set up it in point of fact takes 5 minutes if you are ready with your servers, newbies will definitely have a knowledge curve, but WordPress is also astonishingly stress-free to update for safety and new-fangled functionality.

7.   Google Loves WordPress

The humble layouts of WordPress websites, the permalink structure, and the easy networking in WordPress would be naturally striking to Google. WordPress is a great choice if you want to get better positions on the google search results page as all the templates for WordPress are made SEO friendly.

8.   WordPress Sites are Accessible

WordPress websites are customarily constructed on comparatively humble and accessible technologies.  It is easy to set up on Windows or Linux servers as it makes use of all free license server software.  The web pages in a website built over WordPress render in HTML and CSS letting them open on iPhones, BlackBerrys, Android, iPad, etc.  Most businesses have come forward to convert Drupal to WordPress.

9.   Constant growth ability

When you add up countless features, you find that your WordPress website can change with you and the changing time. You can easily renovate it for new landscapes and safety.  You can add new stuff to your website without redoing your whole site.  You can add new-fangled plugins for improved functionality.

10. Amazing support from the developer’s forum

The awesomely amazing WordPress forums write incredible code, defend open-source software design, fight junk, host reasonable and instructive conferences, and take safety very seriously.

This article must have come across some of the plus points of using WordPress for your university website. if you already have your university website functional then convert Drupal to WordPress platforms and match up with the changing times


Author- Brandon Graves

He is an accomplished WordPress theme developer at HireWPGeeks, a well-known development company. Apart from WordPress theme customization, he is also interested in exploring solutions to security issues related to the CMS. Brandon is an enthusiastic blogger