B2C Marketing Automation, the accelerator of growth for EdTech

B2C Marketing Automation, the accelerator of growth for EdTech

Mumbai: Internet and Mobile Association of India and Netcore Solutions organized a roundtable discussion on B2C Marketing Automation, the accelerator of growth for EdTech at Westin Gurgaon. The discussion focused on the marketing trends in the EdTech sector with interactions on various other issues of the EdTech industry.

Gaurav Gupta, Sr. VP – Enterprise Sales, Netcore Solutions, delivered the welcome address in which he presented an overview of the changes impacting the education system through the evolution of the Edutech space. He recognized that Edutech companies are bridging a huge gap in the market by enabling students/professionals to learn at their own pace, providing career counseling, and information on scholarships, job orientations, talent assessments, and placement opportunities. Thanks to the digital ecosystems, ROI is emerging as an important metric here to gauge customer experience and stickiness of the brand itself. An omnichannel marketing automation & analytics platform is what Edutech brands need to achieve this through hyper-personalization of consumer experiences.

Chief Innovation Officer of Netcore Solutions, Veer Chand Bothra said that EdTech companies that are in the early stage, need to invest in the data architecture and data layer during the early days so that they can start capturing customer data and then build customer data platform out of it around individual customer profile, then create segmentation and personas out of that and the ability to analyze and market the personas.

While discussing on the issues of EdTech sector, Vishnu Dutt, CEO of Fliplearn Education mentioned that online products with more human interactions will sell more. He also added that penetration of 3G and 4G network has led to more diversion of the audience towards online learning.

Shobhit Bhatnagar, Co-founder and CEO of GradeUp said that customers are developing trust on online teaching. He said that the motivation level of students who are learning online is much high than offline.

Upneet Grover, Founder of GetMyUni shared his insights on collection of student data. He said that collecting data and then making the students reach the right organization is the most difficult task. Divesh Kamboj, Head of IT at Sharda University mentioned that their university is using AI data and analytics. He said that AI is an important driver in the EdTech sector.

Kshitij Jain, Head of Marketing, NIIT mentioned about the importance of discipline and ability to learn for implementing technology in education. He added about the adoption of various models by NIIT for the learning and understanding of students.

During the two hours discussion, panelists discussed on the technical advancement in the EdTech sector while actively speaking about customers’ behavioral changes and it all commenced with Veer Chand Bothra giving the closing address.

Other panelists present at the discussion were Varun Mehta from WizIQ, Surabhi Dewra of Career Guide, Shashank Mehra of Sharda University, Bhola Meena of OnlineTyari among others. The conference was moderated by Chief Innovation Officer of Netcore Solutions, Veer Chand Bothra and Mohit Hira, Co-founder of Adytude AX & Chief Convergence Officer, NFX Digital.