Data Systemization in Healthcare Facilitated by Healthureum

Data Systemization in Healthcare Facilitated by Healthureum

One of the biggest limitation of the conventional healthcare data management system is that it is centralized and therefore only accessible to limited persons. Additionally, the privacy of the data is also at risk since people can manipulate the medical records leading to inefficiencies in healthcare operations. Thanks to the Blockchain based Healthureum system that has provided the required resolution to these limitations.

Healthureum enables patients to integrate all their data including their personal information, medical records or emergency information in a single system that is encrypted with codes thus enhancing the privacy of the data and keeping it safe at one platform. The mission of creating such a standardized policy is to offer a reliable platform that does not impose any risk to the security of information and can provide systemized data storage with highest level security while also enabling data to be shared and collaborated to improve healthcare efficiency.

How Data is Consolidated and Collaborated?

Since most of the medical data is sensitive and henceHealthureum has gained success in determining the way to deal with both kinds of healthcare data that is non-identifiable and identifiable. The Blockchain  technology enables to view or access a particular data only to the restricted users. Apparently, the doctor will be required to see the full medical records and patient data, so it has been made possible using a secret private key. This key makes the process of identification possible. But there may be research programs that may want to access patient data. In that case, you would probably not want to disclose your data or identity, for making it possible a public key is used. A public key prevents patient’s data from sharing. These permission layers ensure that a patient record or personal data is secure.

Type of Data to be Stored

There are different types of data available in the healthcare system. There is a definite framework of what kind of data will be stored on the Blockchain network and off the Blockchain network. This is because the format and size of files that are stored on it have their effect on the performance of the Blockchain. For instance, the large files such as abstract MRI pictures will not be ideal to be stored on the Blockchain since they can hinder its overall performance. Healthureum makes sure to keep this data stored off the Blockchain but secured with encryption links pointing to a different location that contains the data.

The integrity of patient data is addressed by Healthureum while also implementing a framework for describing the format and size of the files to be stored on the Blockchain. This creates standardization in the sets of data. Hence Healthureum  sometimes acts as a transaction layer facilitating data sharing among users in the secured ecosystem. The aim is to offer seamless sharing of medical information between patients and the healthcare providers efficiently and safely. This way Healthureum achieves interoperability without any compromise on regulatory compliance. In the same manner, data can be shared and collaborated among the healthcare centers, clinics, and hospitals for preventing human errors or frauds thus offering a safe and pleasant experience to patients. According to the proposed GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) to be executed in 2018, Healthureum  will be taking a new approach towards protection of medical data.

What is Care for Emergencies?

In case of emergencies, your mission-critical data can be viewed by the first responders. This data may include allergies, your blood group, pre-existing ailment, or the current prescriptions. With such a quick system dubbed Healthureum, patients will be able to get treatment fast and more efficiently.

Once this Data Systemization is integrated to the nursing homes, healthcare clinics, and hospitals or more, they all will be facilitated with effective patient data handling, secure data sharing between laboratories, doctors, and hospitals. These efficiencies will bring standardization, social responsibility, and security to the healthcare services.

Accessing Healthureum Ecosystem

To access Healthureum Ecosystem, one needs to purchase the Healthureum tokens. Once obtained, you will be provided with an app to store and manage your healthcare data in a systematic way. This feature enhances interoperability among hospitals, labs, patients and their respective caregivers, laboratories and more. Healthureum system will offer you access to historical medical data in real time while also keeping your data integrity at the place.

The Blockchain  system based EHR will be helping in significantly decreasing the time, resources, efforts, or reconciliations thus leading to a more responsive and efficient healthcare delivery as well as patient satisfaction.