How to Watch French TV Channels Outside France?

How to Watch French TV Channels Outside France?

How to Watch French TV Channels Outside Fran

Probably you are one of the biggest fans of the French content, but as soon as you’ll step out from France territory, you’ll no longer be able to access any of your favorite content.

It happens because of the geo-restriction and copyright issues. When you travel abroad, French TV channels ultimately get blocked for you.

It means that when you travel outside France and try to access any of the French TV channels then you end up with an error like this “ the content is not available in your country”.

This blog addresses every possible way through which you can access French TV channels from anywhere around the world.

Let’s explore all the tricks to unblock French TV channels from any location.

  1. Access French Channels that are free from regional restrictions 

The best way to watch French content from anywhere is to watch French channels that are not geo-restricted. Below I am mentioning channels that you can watch online from any location.

All the mentioned French channels are available in almost every location because these channels are not region-restricted.

  • BFMTV 

Geographical restrictions are not applicable to channels like BFMTV. The channel produces its own content and you can expect to watch videos, political affairs, international news and much more to have a great journey outside France. You can also use a French VPN server to access region-blocked French content.

  • TV France Live 

TV France Live is a website where you can watch free television with no restrictions. It’s one of the best websites to watch and access French content with very high-quality audio and video.  The best thing about the site is it offers zero ads and it’s entirely free to watch and access live French TV.

  • CANAL + 

CANAL+ is yet another amazing option to try on for watching French news and online programs. Canal+ also offers high-quality videos and audio, so you’ll never regret visiting the site.

  • Arte 

Arte is a television channel that officially broadcasts in France and German. The channel also offers a section for VOD that enables viewers to borrow their favorite shows or movies.

Moreover, it broadcasts shows like Xanadu plus, you can also expect to watch some amazing documentaries.

  • TF1 

TF1 is your home to the best French and American shows that you can enjoy from any location. With TF1, you can enjoy world-class shows including Arrow and The Mentalist and Grey’s Anatomy.

  • France4 

France4 offers you the treasure of amazing music, movies, and TV series. It’s one of the top choices for French content for young viewers. You can try it to unlock the real entertainment outside France.

How to watch Region Blocked French Content 

If you think that all the listed channels are not what you were looking for then, try a few more approaches to access blocked French content. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Get a French IP Address 

The first option that you may try is to change your IP address to a French IP address. You can do it by using a free proxy service. Go to any website that offers free proxy, type in the URL that you want to watch and it will automatically get unblocked for you.

However, keep in mind that using a free proxy is not a very good idea. It contains too many ads, connection drops and the content version is very limited.

Also, free services often sell your data to the marketers and third-parties to earn huge profits therefore, I will not recommend using this trick.

  1. Use a VPN 

The second and more reliable option to circumvent geographical restrictions is using a VPN. Here’s how to watch French content outside France using a VPN:

  • Subscribe to a VPN service
  • Install the VPN app
  • Login
  • Select French as your server location
  • Refresh your browser
  • Visit and access your desired URL.
  1. Use Paid Proxy 

You can also access French content from anywhere using a paid proxy service.  You will pay a small amount of money. In return, the proxy will route your web request through a French server. It will ultimately, circumvent a regional restriction and the French content gets unblocked for you.

However, I will recommend using a VPN rather than a paid proxy. A VPN is more reliable and contains a huge server range. So that there is no risk of losing connection speed. VPNs are faster, reliable and way secure when it comes to unblocking region-blocked content.

If you find it costly to use a VPN then you can find VPN deals online and save money. Also, you can select any VPN service with a money-back guarantee to at least claim a refund if you’re not satisfied.

Wrapping Up

French content lovers can watch everything from news to documentaries to TV shows by accessing all the channels that are mentioned above. All these channels are free from geo-restrictions, it means that you can watch these channels from anywhere. However, if you want to watch more French content, then using a paid proxy or a VPN will be helpful for you.

Author: Ammar Ali