8 Most Interesting Facts about AI that Will Surprise You

8 Most Interesting Facts about AI that Will Surprise You


Do you like using SIRI? It’s good to get your answers in verbal form through your apple device. Right? How about the email servers that eliminate the junk or spam? Isn’t it cool? If you have ever searched a movie on Netflix or ask Siri for a temperature update? You have interacted with artificial intelligence.

The most hyped innovation in the world of technology “THE ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE” (AI) which is merely taking over the world or has done already?

John McCarthy in 1995, coined the phenomena of AI with the statement of AI making human life better. And if you think you know all about AI, Think Again!

The most captivating facts about AI that range from scary to exciting and vile to bizarre.

Was Star-wars the Origin or the Future of AI?

You simply cannot ignore the father of future technology! If you’re not a star-war movie fan, it doesn’t matter. Because the storyline and the doings are not just for spending quality time on a movie but learning itself.

Back in the days, Star-wars was the most hyped movie because of the future it showed which seemed irrelevant and not “going-to-happen” kind of state but, here we are.

They showed the future of AI, not the origin it.

  • Lasers
  • Prosthetic limbs
  • Spaceships
  • Military robotics
  • Genetic engineering & cloning
  • Regeneration
  • Cybernetics
  • Holography

If someone would’ve asked about it back in ages, the answer would’ve been a “laugh”. Today we have already accounted for more than a half. So, star-wars was both. Future and Origin.

Chosen Gender of AI Bots

Do you know most of the AI bots are gendered female? Ask SIRI or your bank’s voice assistance questions and a polite female voice will answer. Want to know why? Because according to studies it shows that both male and female prefers a woman’s voice and are more attracted towards it.

Pet-Bots Are Going to be the Next Big Thing!

Your cat might be the fluffiest creature you have ever hugged but don’t they poop? Or tear up your curtain with their extra sharp nails or scare you with their hunger?

The AI has revealed the innovation of pet-bots by 2025! The pet-bots are robots designed and feel like a real animal pet but without the “issues” faced by pet owners today. The down backs will be eliminated which includes feeding, cleaning and the death of your pet.

AI, friend or foe?

AI’s benevolence and malevolence depend on how well it is programmed. The idea of self-driving cars makes transit more pleasurable. But creating a program that is capable of distinguishing between accepting a command and taking it too literally is a challenge. Imagine asking your autonomous car to drive you to the airport as fast as possible. You can guess what would happen if the AI took your command too literally.

Whether this technology would be beneficial or harmful to us depends entirely upon how we use it. The 3 rules of robotics by Isaac Asimov’s would make it easier for people to adopt AI into their lives and make life easier.

A friend, indeed.

Is Artificial Intelligence a danger for future jobs?

We use to write on paper with a pen, and now we go for our flat keyboard.

Students who use to sit on benches struggling for academic help are now using Best assignment writing service UK is providing with guaranteed grades. If the educations are evolved then do you think there is a chance for job survival at some stage?

AI has the ability to crunch big numbers and formulate fast results. Major digital marketing platforms such as Facebook and Google use AI to show ads to the mentioned target audience. This most certainly does not mean that marketers would become jobless. In contrast, more educated people would be required to manage and maintain such a complex system, resulting in the creation of more jobs in the market.

No Place for Affection!

The human heart has a strong connection with the human brain. Now, the AI tech is taking over the world at such a fast pace then wonder how affections and emotion would be affected when the human brain is replaced with a robotic version? Would it be as same as human actual emotions driven through consciousness?

There will be automated and artificially made specific emotions and drafted feeling. All the true affection will fall behind. The bots will take over the human brain and not so far away from the heart!

AI is Reading your Mind

Scary, no? It is true. Artificial Intelligence is able to read our minds. According to a new methodology, robotics are able to develop an image of your thoughts on an FMRI scanner. Constructing the image of your brain!

Who knows how far it can go and predict the thoughts or decisions you might make in the future.

Nationality for an AI?

Sophia, the first robot to receive citizenship of a country. This female robot became a Saudi-Arab citizen by receiving its nationality and passport. This is has brought so much controversy among people for questioning if the robots will take over the human race as citizens and outrun Homo-sapiens.

Final Verdict

Figured out what AI is and what is it doing to our lifestyle? You better start working on it if you want to survive the future because its hold AI innovations 85% than the rest. There is still more to the dish which will be disclosed in the future. AI is taking over the world!

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