Reducing Risks and Flaws of the healthcare sector with Healthureum

Reducing Risks and Flaws of the healthcare sector with Healthureum

Many countries in the world today face similar problems in the healthcare sector. These problems are a rising concern of all economies. It is evident that if these issues are not addressed soon, then there can be a lag in the improvement of the health of the population and the economy in all. Healthcare in itself is a vast and prominent sector of all countries of the world. This industry is suffering a lot of burden and deceit. Although, the basic problems are same worldwide.

● The requirement of cost-efficient methods to reach to maximum and financially challenged people.

● To address the large and growing population by increasing the patient to doctor ratio, which is very low in present time.

● To develop and associate with technology more and more to reduce the labour involved and human errors in the diagnosis and treatment.

● To balance the wide disparity between the rural lifestyle and urban lifestyle. This difference lies in their living standards and due to the fact that most rural people lie below poverty, are uneducated and unaware.

● To eliminate the corrupt practitioners from the entire sector. This will include all medical practitioners and their assistants. The healthcare industry involves a lot of people like drug and equipment suppliers, pharmaceutical dealers, doctors, assistants and owners. A transparent and moral behaviour is needed to be set up.

Now turning to the side where we can find the solutions to these concerns. On a good note, today we have developed highly improved and efficient technology to deal with the huge healthcare ecosystem.

Healthureum is a global platform that integrates an advanced Blockchain  technology and cryptocurrency technology to generate a highly effective and advanced service.

Healthureum promises to serve the above mentioned concerns with ease. Healthureum is an initiative that can easily connect with people of all sectors of an economy. Healthureum blockchain technology helps people to record their medical history in a highly secured and tamper-proof format. The blockchain technology not only allows the patient to record its information but also provides best suggestions whenever required in accordance to the reports and condition of the patient. The blockchainHealthureum  technology allows information to be stored generation by generation and this makes a family tree really easy to be studied whenever needed. For instance, a person requires an organ transplant or blood donation, the quick access to his or her family tree can greatly reduce time wastage and can be life-saving. Manier times we find that the patient dies due to unavailability of suitable blood donor or organ donor. Finding a donor in any case is a labour intensive process. With blockchain Healthureum technology this becomes very easy as the entire bulk of records can be checked and verified on a single click. The patient can be saved as the time that could have been lost in searching for a suitable donor has been saved.

Healthureum blockchain technology is also effective in increasing transparency in the medicare. It records the entire medical and case history of the patient . This includes the prescriptions, drugs, their dosages and the consultation of the doctors who have administered the patient. This way the patient cannot be cheated by any new practitioner in any part of the world. Healthureum provides the service taker with the power to be aware of each and every step in their medical treatment. These days corruption is evident and malpractices are also found in the healthcare sector. People have been mistreated by giving wrong consultation and advices in order to cheat them for money. With Healthureum Blockchain technology this risk is reduced to a minimal level. Now practitioners and assistants are bound to give clarity in their services. Not just doctors or hospitals but drug and medicine dealers when tied up with Healthureum  cannot sell on higher costs than assigned and cannot be fool the service takers.

Healthureum integrates blockchain technology and digital cryptocurrency technology. Cryptocurrencies and digitalisation of payments makes it much more transparent. Healthureum service takers can make use of HHEM Tokens. These tokens work as currencies to buy certain services anywhere in the world. This can help users to a great extent. In certain cases we find that the patient has to travel to a distant country for proper medicare. This can cost him a lot and also the problems associated with exchanging the currency can be faced. These issues are totally eliminated by the Healthureum HHEM tokens. These HHEM tokens serve the purpose of a currency to use services.

Healthureum is a growing platform and it is the requirement of the present time. The technology can serve the purpose of eliminating the flaws of healthcare society. The techniques and services provided and involved with Healthureum will make the healthcare sector secure, transparent, convenient and accessible by majority population. Thereby eliminating all the cases of risks, fraud, and cheating.