What Will be The Next Big Innovation in The Design of Smartphones

What Will be The Next Big Innovation in The Design of Smartphones

Indian Smart Phone Market

You may have observed that the technologies and multiple factors that drive smartphones over the years have changed. Features such as bigger displays, large batteries, amazing camera megapixels with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and many more are ruling the smartphones.

2020 is here and with the beginning of the new decade; many innovative features are set to adorn your smartphones. This post discusses a few of them.

  • Large and almost bezel-less display

2019 has already seen many phones offering more than 90% of the screen to body ratio, and it is further going to get minimized in 2020 and beyond. You are bound to see the launching of phones with an even bigger display with almost no bezels. It will enable users to enjoy content like gaming, videos, and movies on an incredibly superb display. India already has phones with a 6.5-inch display and more, and you may soon see even mammoth display.

  • Increased number of rear cameras

The Indian smartphone market already has models with dual to triple to quad rear cameras. Vivo U10 is among Vivo mobile under 10000 with triple rear cameras and Realme 5 with quad or 4 rear cameras. Phones like those have been enabling users to click photos in many backgrounds. 2020 and upcoming years will prove to be revolutionary for camera lovers with 5 or more cameras.

  • Phones with bigger batteries

Vivo U10, Vivo best phone under 10000, Redmi 8 and many more under the budget of Rs.10,000 now come with 5000mAh battery power. It means that you can charge it once and it is ready to provide you with the juice for 1-2 days as per your usage. Samsung has already launched a phone with a 6000mAh battery. Most of the phones now come with at least 4000mAh battery capacity with fast charging technologies like Flash Charge and VooC. You will soon get to buy upcoming phones with higher battery capacities and even superfast charging.

  • IoT and AI will go hand in hand

Most of the budget to the mid-level category of phones in India now boasts of Artificial Intelligence technology to help the users make the most of the smartphone features. With AI in action, you can let it adjust the camera background to click the best pictures, have the processor work for you tirelessly without lags and heating issues. It has also been enabling users to extract more battery juice out of the existing battery capacity. The Internet of Things (IoT) is another technology that is sure to bring about a significant change the way phones will work in the future. It will enable us to connect one or more devices to process and share data. In the future, IoT and AI will go hand in hand to provide smartphone users with best-in-class internet and data processing and sharing experience. You will also be able to let your smartphone do much more on your behalf and save time. It will book a cab, play music, set the alarm, order groceries and more as per your history/behavior.

  • The availability of even more affordable phones

The immense competition in the Indian smartphone market has already led to the reduction of prices of new launches and existing models. This way, the market has got many models at a price point to help a user choose the best ones without much investment. It is further going to be spiced up over the years.

The best of the innovations and expected trends that will rule the shape of a phone along with that of the market are discussed.

Another thing worth noting is that throughout 2020, many upcoming 5G phones are going to be launched from leading brands in India. And they will help you enjoy blazing fast internet speeds and much more. In the coming years, it is also being pegged that smartphones will be what you will need to undertake almost all tasks that you do today.

Author: Salman Ahmad