The Basic Features Of A Tokenized Healthcare System

The Basic Features Of A Tokenized Healthcare System

Imagine a world where medical data is stored in a user-friendly framework and systematic manner. This is how Healthureum wants to manage data. To participate in this project, interested individuals and institutions have to buy Healthureum
tokens and apply for their data to be stored and managed in this digital mechanism. The unique feature (Healthureum token) facilitates crystal clear and quick transactions. Here is more of the tokenized healthcare system.

Cryptocurrency transactions
A unique way of carrying out transactions rules in the Healthureum ecosystem. This new concept has been developing over the past few years particularly with Blockchain
. The implementation system, according to the Healthureum’s proposed roadmap, needs accurate resource allocation to monitor every phase of the system development. Such an efficient mechanism based on cryptocurrency will ensure that resources are allotted effectively to facilitate the intended purposes, and best outcomes will be achieved in the end. This is what Healthureum
proposes- an efficiency-driven global network- in the healthcare field. The structure of the token, as visualized by the ecosystem, is a medium for providing medical services and allows patients to pay medical fees. The utility token, in this case, is HHEM, developed on the principles of Ethereum. It is derived from ERC20 cryptocurrency and allows efficient transactions on the smart contracts.

The Ethereum-based tokens have a cap on amounts which are available for the authorized users of the Healthureum network. HHEM tokens can be bought with bitcoins, Ethereum, or Dollars and their rates depend on the comparative valuation of services, plus the currency exchange rates at the time Healthureum becomes operational. Then they will be available for making all sorts of transactions from payment of doctor’s consultations, purchasing drugs, and compensating doctors who provide referrals.

Token usability
From payment of service fees for data storage and management to all kinds of services as mentioned above, the tokens will be readily available to the system users. Any medical service can be bought with the tokens, and the process is fast, secure, and reliable. All the transactions are recorded and sealed cryptographically such that o one can erase or change the records. These transactional records are very important to patients because they can be used to compare the costs of different services and to determine whether the patient has been overcharged or not. If you are referred to a certain healthcare facility or a specialist, you will pay for the service using the HHEM tokens. You might want to get tested in a medical lab or clinic; you will need the tokens to pay for these services. And if you are a participant in a health-related research program whereby your medical records have been used, expect a reward with the HHEM tokens. As you can see, no transaction can go on without HHEM. In fact, they will also be used as service charges for medical infrastructure and philanthropic donations will be provided in the form of token.

Token regulation
For the tokenized transaction to be conducted on the Healthureum
platform, certain rules must be followed. The network cannot function without effective guidelines, and these are provided through the smart contracts. Based on the recorded transactions on the Blockchain
, smart contracts will be formed. All monetary transactions will be recorded regarding the Healthureum’s tokenization system. Then the smart contracts will authenticate these activities. Terms and conditions will be validated automatically by the system, and this includes determination of HHEM tokens that have to be exchanged.

The HHEM tokens will act as service fees as well as rewards for rendered services. When it comes to the valuation of the tokens, it would be no different from the real-world methods that are used to determine currencies and exchange rates. Additionally, the availability of these tokens will have a cap. Then the value will accelerate as more people and institutions join Healthureum. There will be a proactive approach put in place to ensure that the services offered on the system as well as the costs remain competitive and reasonable according to the stakeholders. Emphatically, the worthiness of HHEM tokens and their usability in various services on the network would be a key factor in the determination of sustainability and success of Healthureum
A transparent protocol is proposed to enable users to understand the process of token valuation.

Even though the system provides sufficient security of the tokens owned by the users, the participants are advised to adopt an offline backup of their tokens to reinforce protection. The token will carry through the terms and conditions of the smart contracts which are generated automatically. This tokenized healthcare ecosystem will have a support team to solve conflicts which may arise during transactions. Through the support team, members can reach out for help and clarification of disputes.

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