Top 7 Instagram features and Updates that are still popular

Top 7 Instagram features and Updates that are still popular


7 Instagram features and updates you might want to try


We all are having a hard time during this worldwide pandemic, and Instagram with its fun and new features and updates is one reason that makes us excited nowadays. Especially new updates and features every week.

Here is a list of 7 such features and updates you might want to try out soon because unfortunately, we cannot say, ‘Take your time, they are going nowhere’- because they do have a chance of getting removed.

1.Shopping in Instagram reels

Shopping is now available in every format on their app- the feed, stories, Live.

All the businesses and creators have to do is tag their products while creating reels. When someone views that reel, they will get an option for viewing the product, where they can save, buy, and take a brief look into the product.

2. Keyword search

This will change how people use Instagram, which will be more like Googling.

With this feature, you can search for words or phrases, and get results for exactly named what you search.

3. Watching videos together with friends

Perhaps one of the most fun features this year, with this feature on your app, you can watch movies, TV shows, reels with your friends. Hanging out with friends has become no less than you would do physically.

4. Vanish Mode

This is one messaging feature where you can choose to make your text messages vanish after some time. This is only applicable to chats where both users follow each other on Instagram.

5. The music sticker

Adding text and filters are not the only thing that goes on your Insta stories, you can now also add music stickers to your post. This is how you can search for a song as well.

6. Messenger and Instagram merging

Facebook or Instagram, you can now have the best messaging feature since both of them are merged into one to give you the best experience. You can control where you want to receive your calls or messages.

7. Pinned Comments

Finally, it’s here and people cannot be more thankful. This will help to highlight the relevance and visibility. This feature makes interaction easier.


Don’t worry if you haven’t found the feature on your app yet. You can just update your app to the latest version, and if the feature is still not there, it’s probably because Instagram hasn’t rolled out the feature in your area yet.