Uflex develops Satellite Thermal Radiation Insulation Film for ISRO

Uflex develops Satellite Thermal Radiation Insulation Film for ISRO

Noida: Taking the requirement of Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) of a specialized film for passive thermal control of spacecraft components, Flex Films, Indian Film Manufacturing Arm of India’s largest multinational flexible packaging materials and solution company Uflex Limited developed a solution of them in six months.

ISRO had approached the company earlier in September 2017 regarding the same as they were impressed by the wide range of polymeric films that Flex Films manufactures and the associated R&D capabilities that the company is recognized for.

Make in India Initiative in Space Technology

With this development, the Make in India initiative would also take a stride in the space technology. This was even expressed by Anand Prakash Gupta, Speciality Films and R&D Department at Flex Films while he was talking about this specialized film.

He said, “ISRO approached us in an endeavour to achieve its vision of self-reliance in Indian Space Programme which aims at engaging more Indian Industries in producing Spaceworthy products/technologies for its specific applications. Their desired specifications were in electro-optical and physical terms like Solar Transmittance, IR Emittance, Thickness of Coating in nano-meterson both sides of the substrate and wide spectrum working temperature of -150 to +120 degrees Celsius to name a few. The real challenge was to convert these specifications into our measurable norm. For this, we sent an A4 sized sample to ISRO to get everything measured and tested in their terms. When ISRO reverted to us with their requirements in the parameters that they recognize, we extrapolated that information to our measurable norm. Performing metallization in conventional metallizer was fraught with high risks of getting scratches and other aberrations (anomalies which were absolutely unacceptable for a high precision job that we were processing for ISRO). Further, we developed some specialized coatings and applied on the substrate to ensure flawless metallization as required by ISRO.”

Just a Beginning

Talking more about this major break-through Jagmohan Mongia, President of Flex Films India said, “The specialized metallized film that we supplied to ISRO was subjected to space environmental tests and passed through all parameters/tests qualifying for space application. Here I would particularly like to acknowledge the unrelenting and hard work of the metallizing team of Flex Films India without which it would not have been possible for us to accomplish this goal. After this major break-through, we now look forward to working with ISRO more closely in other research areas and technologies. This is just the beginning.”

Expressing delight on this breakthrough, Ashok Chaturvedi, Chairman & Managing Director, Uflex Limited said, “The most gratifying part of this whole engagement is that Uflex has been able to contribute to ISRO’s endeavour of indigenization and becoming self-reliant in space technology applications. This is a perfect example of an Indian polymeric film manufacturer meeting and exceeding the performance parameters set by Indian Space Research Organization. This is a major win for Make in India and a moment of truth for Made in India.”