Here’s why YouTube Should be a Part of Course Learning

Here’s why YouTube Should be a Part of Course Learning

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Do you ever think about how spaceships are made? We all have searched about things on YouTube just out of curiosity and never got disappointed. From cat videos to rocket science, YouTube has everything. Whether it’s about a college assignment or an explanation video about CV writing service. YouTube has it all.

YouTube is a lifesaver for people around the world. Whether it was a rushed college assignment or a computer error. YouTube has saved us from failing classes and late work projects. It is undeniable that everyone uses YouTube for help.

If we talk about YouTube in learning, the list could go on and on but to keep it very straight to point, here are some major reasons why the education system should consider YouTube a medium of teaching.

Mobility and Accessibility

The Internet is not a futile thing in this era. Everyone is connected to the internet most of their time. Everyone can get benefits from it. As Mark Zuckerberg says If you live in an area where there is not a good school, the internet may be the best way to get access to a lot of education material.”

YouTube is the most effective and efficient way to teach and learn. It can be accessed anywhere, anytime by anyone on any device. There are no restrictions on YouTube besides some specific content. YouTube has always been free for everyone and will continue to be.

Students can access their course material on YouTube anywhere and anytime. It’s optimized to run on slow connections so the users can watch whatever they want with the least disturbances possible. YouTube also allows users to download videos for offline viewing, so students can watch the videos without offline on the go.

Keeping Learners Engaged

300 hours of videos are being uploaded on YouTube from around the world. With Billions of videos already on YouTube, anyone can learn anything. Reading is indeed very immersive and interesting but it takes more time and sometimes it’s hard to focus on the text.  Videos keep people engaged with visual representations and practical examples.

YouTube keeps the learners engaged and helps them not getting distracted by suggesting them relevant Course videos. For instance, if you’re watching a video about the best dissertation writing services, you’ll be suggested more related videos.

Saving Time and Costs

Even though it has billions of videos, it does not weight your wallet (or your shoulders). You can learn anything in the shortest amount of time. YouTube has a subsection for Educational purposes which restricts access to non-educational content to avoid causing distractions for learners.

Learning through YouTube saves time. As they’re connected to the internet. They don’t have to go to a certain place for information. It can be easily obtained right from where they are saving time and energy. It saves the expenses of traveling to a library and buying or borrowing relevant books.

Mega-Learning in Micro-Time,

YouTube is great for micro-learning. You can fully understand any concept in the shortest period possible. Being a digital platform YouTube has somehow almost removed the need for textbooks. Although books are irreplaceable. Students learn efficiently and perform better when they learn by watching videos. Micro-learning not only just save time only but also gives you more time to learn.

It takes less time and provides more information. Not only in context but visualizing the concepts makes them easily understandable. You can quickly get the solution to any problem through short videos on YouTube.

Easy Integration

YouTube videos can be integrated into university or college portals easily. YouTube videos can be used in various ways such as:

Youtube Integration
And in many more ways.
The integration of YouTube videos on websites can help students in lots of ways. It can help greatly with topic introductions or summaries. Videos are more engaging so students prefer to watch them more than they’d prefer to read the same concept.

Nothing Important Gets Away

With the power to control the time (technically), you can rewind and re-watch videos again and again. No one’s going to stop you!
You can watch anything infinite amount of time. It encourages you to take notes of everything important. You don’t miss out on any details by taking notes. Taking notes helps you remember things easily as well.

Making Learning Easy and Fun

Some subjects can be hard to teach with just text. YouTube videos can turn complex topics into easily comprehensive topics. Students get more interested in visually explained concepts more than just reading them.
Seeing a visual of anything is far better than just hearing or reading about it. A visual demonstration of anything is far more superior then text-based instructions. It doesn’t only save time but also eradicates the concept of confusion.

Communication with the Community.

It gets more interesting in the comments section as all the viewers share their questions and confusion and get answers and solutions soon enough. It brings people together and builds a community that shares the same interests and helps each other out.

If you’re watching a video related to CV writing service. You will find so many people who are watching the same video in the comments. You can’t only just comment on your own questions or opinions but also interact with other people and get more relevant information. It creates a sense of belonging and boosts the confidence of curiousness among the learners.

YouTube has helped everyone, from industrialists to students. Studying could never be interactive without YouTube and it’s a fact.  From saving time to suggesting relevant content. YouTube is the biggest and most used search engine after Google (which actually owns YouTube).

Learning courses should include YouTube because it’s the easiest way to engage students. It helps to develop practical skills. They learn what they watch and apply it to themselves. People around the world have learned different skills from YouTube and a lot more are still learning from it.

About the Author

Ph.D. in Actuarial Sciences from Glasgow University, Dr. Adrish is an avid reader and traveling fan, being an academic consultant since 2005 he is dedicated to helping out students in every way he can.