6 best places to visit in spain

6 best places to visit in spain

Spain, with its rich history, beautiful vistas and delectable food, is a traveler’s dream destination sitting on the Iberian Peninsula and one of the most popular traveler destinations in the world with stunning nature, buzzing cities, amazing surf. This country for backpackers boasts of amazing places to visit from modern monuments built by famous Spanish architects and artists in locations including Madrid, Barcelona, the Costa Brave, Seville, San Sebastian, Andalusia, Valencia, Marbella and Pamplona which can keep you entertained for months. So plan your trip to this addictive destination because you’re sure to want to book a flight to Spain once you’ve read about the amazing cities at Zoutons. Whatever the season these are just a few fantastic sights waiting to be discovered having an intense experience of culture, history, and tradition all rolled into one.


Start your adventure in Madrid, the capital city of Spain with a tour to the mighty Prado Museum, a place not to be missed for art lovers. Then head towards the Royal Palace to see some stunning architecture where elaborately decorated building dated back to the 17th century has an armory attached that showcases examples of early weaponry. This city with the largest population is a center for international business and at night relax and hang out at a café or make leisurely trips to the flea markets and dance the night away or enjoy live music at discos and see the city come alive in the evening.


Ideal for a short break destination, this rather small beautiful Andalusian city is awash with romantic allure with major attractions including the shops and restaurants which are all within walking distance. Another popular mode of transportation are bicycles and for covering long distances taxis are easily accessible. During the day, in this dazzling city travelers can spend their day in the amazing pastel colored Plazas and also find outdoor cafes. And when night falls, head to enjoy the night life with an entertaining and energetic flamenco show. This is the kind of place you should allow yourself to get lost in, climb the Giralda for some breathtaking magnificent views of the entire city and stay in the city’s old town and explore the cobbled streets of the Santa Cruz quarter and the breathtaking Alcázar Palace.


One of the best places to unwind and relax is Granada, the home to the iconic Alhambra Palace which recharges your soul. Also remember to spend some time at the Sierra Nevada National Park and their hiking trails are just a short bus ride away.

This land of Thousand Castles is a jewel in the Andalusian crown with an interesting history and absolutely breathtaking sights. This place gives you a taste of the country’s dazzling Moorish architectural heritage and also known to be one of UNESCO world heritage site.Barcelona

Trip to Spain is incomplete without visiting Barcelona. The city is both Modern and contemporary and the delectable seafood and flowing wines in the region makes it a city worth visiting with its magnificent outdoor offering and the scenic trails of the colorful Park Güell to the romantic narrow alleys of Barri Gòtic which dates back to the Roman Empire; even the beach is bustling where you can enjoy the bracing sea air and unspoiled view of the Mediterranean ,its overwhelming variety of things to do which attracts all types, be it the culture lover, adventurer, couples and the partier one could stay for a few days, or perhaps a whole week to explore.

Truly a culture capital and a unique city on the northeastern coast of Spain. Don’t miss out on the experience of taking a biking tour to see attractions such as the legendary Sagrada Familia, which is still under construction after over 100 years, and the Gothic quarter worth a glance.


This Livable Spain’s third largest city stands out for offering a little taste of both old and the new and a memorable Mediterranean holiday awaits all visitors at the sunny and festive city of Valencia and also get to experience classic architecture at the City’s Cathedral and Plaza Ayuntamiento and much to the delight of foodies and gastronomes from around the world, the city is famous for its fertile farmland which is a main contributor to the city’s status as the home of paella. See the futuristic City of Arts and Science.

The city also stands out for some of the country’s best nightlife, and incredible culture. Best time to visit is during the month of April and May though the city boasts of a Mediterranean climate with consistently pleasant weather. A way to save on money if you are a tourist and just visiting for a day or two is to get the Valencia Tourist card which covers all your transport cost, free entry to the museums and loads of other attractive discounts all for just 15 Euros for 24 hours.


A treat to the eyes and a great place to explore on foot or by bike, the city of Cordoba is one of the most beautiful cities of Spain where one can get to see a taste of the Muslim influence particularly in the form of the La Mezquita, one of the world’s largest and most mesmerizing piece of architecture and even has a cathedral built in the center of its many arches and columns or the Great Mosque that still stands in the city. Founded by Romans the port city is situated on the highest navigable point of the Guadalquivir River. A favorite among the history buffs, the Old Town of Cordoba is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and aside from the Great Mosque, there are also cathedrals, Roman bridges, Roman ruins, mausoleums, and amphitheaters to visit.