SOTC Travel sees sales grow in offering customers the Omnichannel experience

SOTC Travel sees sales grow in offering customers the Omnichannel experience

Mumbai: SOTC embarked on a digital initiative and introduced its e-commerce platform last year to make its web usage more flexible, with easy access and a rich interface. Access to new markets and customers was a key growth factor.

Consumers have evolved tremendously due to multiple factors such as easy access to information, enhanced ability to consume and the willingness to explore. Since the introduction of the online platform last year, newer avenues with an onset of a new set of customers have resulted in a 10- 12% growth of current business from online channels attributing and incentivizing its Omnichannel success.

SOTC Online was launched with the aim of creating better products by enhancing the traveller’s journey experience with the help of back-end technology integrations with efficiency improvisation for real time connect with customers.

With a trend in Visa on Arrival, Short Haul destinations and long weekend travel on the rise, SOTC introduced  online predefined  customized packages under the ‘Easy Series’ which gives a costing advantage of Group tours on FIT packages.  125 packages were introduced under the Easy product category. The destinations included – Thailand, Singapore, Mauritius, Dubai, Hong Kong, Bali, Spain, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Kerala, Andaman, Bhutan, Kashmir and Ladakh.

The online platform of SOTC Travel features packages for a clientele with a healthy mix from millennial to senior citizens. FIT packages for Millennials to Singapore, Thailand, Dubai and Mauritius. For senior citizens, SOTC online has religious domestic tour packages called ‘Darshans’ which are crafted spiritual experiences, along with special senior citizen packages for Europe/USA.

Apart from the traditional enquiries, SOTC has witnessed an 18% increase in customer enquiries for domestic and short haul destinations where customers preferred booking domestic group tours, short haul international GIT & budget category packages for Europe & USA, with the booking amount ranging from 1.25 lakh – 3 lakh per transactions due to enhanced online presence. In 2017, 7000 bookings were received through SOTC’s online channels.

The most frequent destinations chosen online are Singapore, Dubai is trending high followed by Egypt, Europe and Bali. Maximum bookings from online business have been received from major metros like Mumbai, Bangalore, New Delhi, Pune, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Lucknow & Jaipur.

Speaking about the exclusive product offerings Daniel D’souza- Head of Sales, India & NRI Markets & E-Commerce SOTC Travel said, “Indian travellers are evolving rapidly, and there is an increasing demand for personalization to their travel with engaging and experiential itineraries tailor made to their unique interests. The entire process from identification to exploration to consumption is now taking place online. At SOTC Travel, we follow an Omnichannel by being present at all times for our customers adding value throughout their travel.”

He further added, “Over the last one year, we have seen an increase in website visitors, content consumption and feedback from our users on our product offerings. Our aim is to adapt our processes to enhance consumer needs in order to give them the best experience irrespective of the touch-point being online or offline.”