Four New Digital Currencies Added by Circle to its Invest Platform

Four New Digital Currencies Added by Circle to its Invest Platform

Circle has announced the addition of four new digital currencies to the Circle Invest platform, bringing the total number of listed cryptocurrencies on the platform to 11.

Announcing the news in a blog post, Circle revealed the new additions to be EOS, Stellar, 0x and Qtum. Circle further revealed that the four digital currencies can be purchased through the Circle Invest platform either individually or as part of a basket using the “Buy the Market” retail portfolio investment feature.

According to Circle’s blog post, the four crypto assets were chosen for listing based on their suitability, which was determined by the Circle Asset Framework. CCN reported in June that under the Circle Asset Framework, each asset to be evaluated on its own strengths, and under no circumstances are any fees paid to aid listing. This helps to ensure the integrity of the process and gives customers the confidence that only the best assets are listed on Circle platforms.

In order to help customers fully appreciate the value of every asset on Circle Invest, the company also announced the introduction of a new feature called “Explore.” This feature will help users gain insight into the crypto investment with contextual and relevant information on the various aspects of crypto. Circle hopes that this simplification tool alongside the user-friendly interface of Circle Invest will help it in its mission to take crypto trading to the mass market.

On the subject of why the four digital currencies specifically were chosen for listing, the blog post mentions that EOS promises to improve upon the Ethereum framework, especially regarding the number of transactions per second that can be held. Where the Ethereum blockchain can handle only 15 transactions per second, EOS has a proven capacity of several thousand transactions per second.

Stellar on its part, offers a low cost, high-speed cross-border payments solution, disrupting the current paradigm of international fiat payments which sometimes take weeks and charge up to 10 per cent commissions. A typical Stellar cross-border transaction is completed in five seconds and costs less than a penny.

0x creates a framework for peer-to-peer crypto trading directly over the Ethereum blockchain through the use of “Relayers” that serve as exchanges built atop the 0x protocol. Finally, Qtum offers users the best of both bitcoin and ethereum, having been built as a hybrid of both assets.

Since releasing Circle Invest in March, the platform has aggressively courted increased market share, listing Zcash and Monero in May.