Entertainment: Check the business of Rajnikanth’s 2.0

Entertainment: Check the business of Rajnikanth’s 2.0

The newly released ‘2.0’ is the sequel of ‘Robot’ or ‘Enthiran’ in Tamil. Rajnikanths 2.0 released in more than 10,000 theatres worldwide.

Box-office collection figure was a whopping 70 crores on the first day including the Hindi, Tamil Telugu and other regional languages versions. Which is quite good for a non-holiday movie release. The Hindi version alone made 25 crore collection.

Chennai holds the number one in 2.0’s box-office collection cities which is about 3 crores.

According to collections website Box Office India, North of India also has recorded good box office collection on the 1st day, with Delhi and Uttar Pradesh at ₹4.75 to 5 crore and Punjab at ₹1.90 crore. Eastern area has collected well too, with Bihar collecting ₹1.25 crore on the 1st day. Box office India also said that the Hindi version of 2.0 accounted for the 40% of the total theaters which comes to about  4120 theatres.

The film also did an excellent overseas business worldwide grabbing  up $ 300,000 in the US, New Zealand $ 23,243 (about ₹11.11 lakh) and $114,696 (about ₹58.46 lakh) in Australia.

Book My show said that 2.0 had a booking of 1 million pre-booked tickets which is the clear indicator of the interest of the masses, people booked most of the tickets in the 3D platform. With shows starting as early as 4 AM in many multiplexes, the film is reaping a good response despite having a mid-week release. From performing ‘Pal abhishekam’ to dancing inside cinema halls, hardcore Rajini fans did everything to show their affection to the living legend.